Concept design
Concept development based on the client’s requirements and a large portfolio. Mood boards are created to provide a clear idea of the space, furniture, and color schemes, along with 3D renderings. Prior to execution, full execution drawings are developed, with full details and specifications
Interior architecture
Interior architecture and space management of public, commercial, and residential projects. Redesign of existing architecture and landscape, according to needs, and with the original architect.
Interior design
Fixed interior: Design of wall, ceiling, and floor covering, along with design for storage and display closets and spaces, with full specifications.

Furniture design and selection: Furniture selection, layout and distribution, including circulation study. Custom made seating, tables, display units, cabinets, carpets, and linens, complete with execution drawings, material specifications, and follow-up.

Decorative items and accessories: Selection of various decorative items, artworks, and accessories to complete and complement the furniture and space design.

Lighting: Lighting layout designed specifically with specialized consultants to enhance the mood of the space and bring focus to important areas and objects.
Complete execution of any project through contracting, including building, plastering, tiling, painting gypsum, and specialist metal works.